Xonic Personal Training

Sports Boot Camp Training Clinics and Personal One-on-One Training

Xonic Personal Training will provide an opportunity for athletes to learn sport-specific training techniques, drills and exercises that will help improve their skills while decreasing the risk of injury. Gary Elwert, a certified trainer, who has extensive experience in sports-specific strength training, plyometrics and conditioning, leads training.  In addition, a doctor of physical therapy can provide consulting for a therapy-based program designed to decrease the likelihood of suffering shoulder, elbow and knee injuries while improving serve and jump performance. The testing and interventions are based on the latest research in sports medicine.

Each athlete can expect to learn:

  •  Proper warm-up and stretching
  • Training methods that will increase upper and lower body strength and balance.
  • Proper jumping and landing techniques
  • Drills and exercises that can be used at home or in the gym
  • How to increase jumping power and explosiveness
  • Improve agility and speed

The Sports Boot Camp training clinics will be held, weekly, throughout the summer (June – August )

Group Boot Camp training clinic one-hour session:
(Limit of 3 athletes to guarantee maximum attention)


  $20 (1) session each athlete

$175 (10) sessions for each athlete

One-on-One personal training session:
Prices: $40 per 1-hour session and $30 per 30 min session
(Long term pricing package available upon request)

(Must sign up via EMAIL or Xonic website CONTACT PAGE for each Boot Camp session

to guarantee no more than 3 athletes per clinic session.)

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